Dear members of the congregation,
The times of the corona-pandemic have cost energy and have limited our congregational life.
We are pleased to reopen our Christ Church and the Bonhoeffer Hall after six months with the church doors locked. So far we open to a limited extent for divine services and congregational events from 13 September 2020. In Oxford we can celebrate in St. Mary the Virgin an soon in St. Andrews, Ham, as well. We will try to offer a Zoom-broadcast at the same time, so that those who belong to the risk group and should avoid the public are not excluded. In the moment we are setting up WiFi and the necessary equipment.
At all events the government guidelines have to be followed and many things need to be considered.
We must limit the number of participants for divine services in Christ Church to 28. Therefore, we will probably conduct two divine services in succession. It is mandatory to register in advance by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 020-88766366. We have to collect your contact details and store them for four weeks to contact you if necessary. Afterwards they will be deleted. We will share your information with the NHS in the event of an infection being reported. If you experience symptoms of a disease (cough, fever, loss of taste) please contact us and the NHS.
Please consider carefully whether you belong to one of the risk groups (over 70 years old, serious pre-existing conditions, pregnant, baby or seriously ill relatives at home) and, if necessary, refrain from attending a divine service.
Similar principles apply to attendance at community events and confirmation classes. We will keep you informed.
The following principles are set:
1. Keep a distance of two meters everywhere. Parents should pay attention to their children.
2. Please wear a face covering throughout.
3. Please disinfect your hands at the entrance. A supplier is available.
4. Follow the signs and walkways. Please follow the instructions of the coasters who are specially trained.
5. The seats in the church are marked. Members of a household can sit together. The coasters will help you find a place. Leave the church quickly after the divine service, according to the instructions.
6. Singing is not allowed, but the organ accompanies the divine service musically.
7. The toilets are not open, except in emergencies.
8. There is no social after the service.
9. In the moment there is no children’s service
We firmly trust that even under these conditions and limitations the Spirit of the Lord is undivided with us. God comes to us with his word and he hears our prayers.
Karin Purcell, Lars Klehn, Jonas Keller